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First version of grompy data access provider

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from .grompy import DataAccesProvider
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import sqlalchemy as sa
import pandas as pd
class DataAccessProvider:
def __init__(self, dsn=None, area_gt=None, pixcount_gt=None, provincie=None):
self.engine = sa.create_engine(dsn)
meta = sa.MetaData(self.engine)
self.tbl_perc_info = sa.Table('perceels_info', meta, autoload=True)
self.s2_observations = sa.Table("s2_observations", meta, autoload=True)
self.perc_stmt =[self.tbl_perc_info])
if area_gt is not None:
self.perc_stmt.append_whereclause(self.tbl_perc_info.c.area == area_gt)
if pixcount_gt is not None:
self.perc_stmt.append_whereclause(self.tbl_perc_info.c.pixcount > pixcount_gt)
if provincie is not None:
self.perc_stmt.append_whereclause(self.tbl_perc_info.c.provincie == provincie)
s =[sa.func.count()]).select_from(self.perc_stmt)
self.count = s.execute().fetchone()[0]
def __iter__(self):
r = self.perc_stmt.execute()
rows = r.fetchmany(100)
while rows:
for row in rows:
s =[self.s2_observations],
df = pd.read_sql(s, self.engine)
df = df.drop(columns="fieldID")
df.index = pd.to_datetime(
yield row, df
rows = r.fetchmany()
def __len__(self):
return self.count
CREATE TABLE perceels_info (
pixcount INTEGER,
area_ha FLOAT,
cat_gewasc TEXT,
gws_gewasc INTEGER,
gws_gewas TEXT,
provincie TEXT,
gemeente TEXT,
regio TEXT,
pc4 TEXT,
woonplaats TEXT,
waterschap TEXT,
primary key (fieldID)
create index ix_pixcount on perceels_info(pixcount);
create index ix_gewas_area on perceels_info(gws_gewasc, area_ha);
create index ix_gewas_pixcount on perceels_info(gws_gewasc, pixcount);
create index ix_gewas_provincie on perceels_info(gws_gewasc, provincie);
from csv import DictReader
from pathlib import Path
from shutil import copyfile
import time
import pandas as pd
import sqlalchemy as sa
cwd = Path(__file__).parent
csv_dir = cwd / "Optisch"
template_db = cwd / "sentinel2_observations_template.db3"
db_s2_observations = cwd / "sentinel2_observations_2019.db3"
csv_s2_observations = cwd / "sentinel2_observations_2019.csv"
dummy_date = "19000101"
mean_files = {
"NDVI": csv_dir / "zonal_stats_mean_2019_ADC.csv",
"B02": csv_dir / "zonal_stats_mean_B02_2019_ADC.csv",
"B03": csv_dir / "zonal_stats_mean_B03_2019_ADC.csv",
"B04": csv_dir / "zonal_stats_mean_B04_2019_ADC.csv",
"B05": csv_dir / "zonal_stats_mean_B05_2019_ADC.csv",
"B06": csv_dir / "zonal_stats_mean_B06_2019_ADC.csv",
"B07": csv_dir / "zonal_stats_mean_B07_2019_ADC.csv",
"B08": csv_dir / "zonal_stats_mean_B08_2019_ADC.csv",
"B11": csv_dir / "zonal_stats_mean_B11_2019_ADC.csv",
"B12": csv_dir / "zonal_stats_mean_B12_2019_ADC.csv",
"B8A": csv_dir / "zonal_stats_mean_B8A_2019_ADC.csv",
# Print iterations progress
def printProgressBar (iteration, total, prefix = '', suffix = '', decimals = 1, length = 100, fill = '█', printEnd = "\r"):
Call in a loop to create terminal progress bar
iteration - Required : current iteration (Int)
total - Required : total iterations (Int)
prefix - Optional : prefix string (Str)
suffix - Optional : suffix string (Str)
decimals - Optional : positive number of decimals in percent complete (Int)
length - Optional : character length of bar (Int)
fill - Optional : bar fill character (Str)
printEnd - Optional : end character (e.g. "\r", "\r\n") (Str)
percent = ("{0:." + str(decimals) + "f}").format(100 * (iteration / float(total)))
filledLength = int(length * iteration // total)
bar = fill * filledLength + '-' * (length - filledLength)
print('\r%s |%s| %s%% %s' % (prefix, bar, percent, suffix), end = printEnd)
# Print New Line on Complete
if iteration == total:
def take_first(iter):
for i in iter:
return i
def count_lines(files):
"""Checks the number of lines in the input CSV files.
They should all be the same else throw an error.
print("Checking file row counts...")
counts = {}
for band, fname in files.items():
with open(fname) as my_file:
c = sum(1 for _ in my_file)
counts[fname] = c
print(f" - {fname}: {c}")
if len(set(counts.values())) > 1:
msg = "CSV files do not have the same number of rows!"
raise RuntimeError(msg)
return take_first(counts.values())
def process_rows(rows):
df = pd.DataFrame()
fieldIDs = []
for column_name, row in rows.items():
count = row.pop("count")
recs = []
for sdate, value in row.items():
value = float(value)
if value == 0.:
recs.append({"day": sdate, "value": float(value), "band": column_name})
if not recs: # only zero (null) values for the column
# We add one dummy record to make sure we can create the dataframe properly
recs.append({"day": dummy_date, "value": None, "band": column_name})
df_tmp = pd.DataFrame(recs)
df_tmp["day"] = pd.to_datetime(
df = pd.concat([df, df_tmp])
df = df.pivot(index="day", columns="band", values="value")
if len(set(fieldIDs)) > 1:
msg = f"FieldIDs are not the same for this row: {fieldIDs}"
raise RuntimeError(msg)
df["fieldID"] = fieldIDs[0]
ix = ( == pd.to_datetime(dummy_date))
if any(ix):
df = df[~ix]
return df
def write_to_SQLite(mean_csv_readers, nlines):
copyfile(template_db, db_s2_observations)
engine = sa.create_engine(f"sqlite:///{db_s2_observations}")
printProgressBar(0, nlines-1, prefix='Progress:', suffix='Complete', length=50)
this_line = 0
while True:
rows = {column_name:next(reader) for column_name, reader in mean_csv_readers.items()}
df = process_rows(rows)
df.to_sql("s2_observations", engine, if_exists="append", index=False)
this_line += 1
if this_line % 1000 == 0:
printProgressBar(this_line, nlines, prefix='Progress:', suffix='Complete', length=50)
except StopIteration:
def main():
nlines = count_lines(mean_files)
mean_csv_readers = {}
for column_name, csv_fname in mean_files.items():
mean_csv_readers[column_name] = DictReader(open(csv_fname))
t1 = time.time()
write_to_SQLite(mean_csv_readers, nlines)
print(f"Processing {nlines} lines to SQLite took {time.time()-t1} seconds.")
if __name__ == "__main__":
\ No newline at end of file
from pathlib import Path
import geopandas as gpd
import pandas as pd
import sqlalchemy as sa
import numpy as np
def main():
fname_percelen = Path.cwd() / "BRP" / "gewaspercelen_2019.shp"
# fname_percelen = Path.cwd() / "BRP" / "BRP_10rows.shp"
df = gpd.read_file(fname_percelen)
df["area_ha"] = df.geometry.area/1e4
df = df.set_index("fieldid")
fname_counts = Path.cwd() / "Optisch" / "perceelscount.csv"
df_counts = pd.read_csv(fname_counts)
df_counts.set_index("field_ID", inplace=True)
df["pixcount"] = df_counts.pixcount
df_out = pd.DataFrame({"fieldID": df.index,
"year": df.year,
"pixcount": df.pixcount,
"area_ha": df.area_ha,
"cat_gewasc": df.cat_gewasc.apply(str),
"gws_gewasc": df.gws_gewasc.astype(np.int32),
"gws_gewas": df.gws_gewas.apply(str),
"provincie": df.provincie.apply(str),
"gemeente": df.gemeente.apply(str),
"regio": df.regio.apply(str),
"pc4": df.PC4.apply(str),
"woonplaats": df.woonplaats.apply(str),
"waterschap": df.waterschap.apply(str),
fname_percelen_db = Path.cwd() / "sentinel2_observations_2019.db3"
dsn = f"sqlite:///{fname_percelen_db}"
engine = sa.create_engine(dsn)
df_out.to_sql("perceels_info", engine, if_exists="append", index=False)
if __name__ == "__main__":
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