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changed logic of resubmittng, now using settings and code of original job...

changed logic of resubmittng, now using settings and code of original job file, not a newly created one
parent bbcdfd85
......@@ -64,10 +64,10 @@ class JetPlatForm(PlatForm):
return os.getpid()
def SubmitJob(self,jobfile):
def SubmitJob(self,jobcommand):
""" This method submits a jobfile to the queue, and returns the queue ID """
cmd = ['qsub',jobfile]
cmd = ['qsub',jobcommand]
output = subprocess.Popen(cmd, stdout=subprocess.PIPE).communicate()[0] ;
retcode = output.split()[-1]
......@@ -495,10 +495,9 @@ class CycleControl(dict):
def SubmitNextCycle(self):
Submit the next job of a DA cycle, this consists of
* getting a job template as returned by :meth:``
* adding the lines needed to start a next run with a newly created rc-file
* Writing the jobfile as done by :meth:``
* Submitting the jobfile as done by :meth:``
* Changing to the working directory from which the job was started initially
* create a line to start the master script again with a newly created rc-file
* Submitting the jobfile
If the end of the cycle series is reached, no new job is submitted.
......@@ -511,14 +510,9 @@ class CycleControl(dict):
if self['time.start'] < self['time.finish']:
jobparams = {'jobname':'das','jobaccount':'co2','jobnodes':'nserial 1','jobtime':'06:00:00','jobshell':'/bin/sh'}
template = DaPlatForm.GetJobTemplate(jobparams)
template += 'cd %s\n'%os.getcwd()
template += '%s rc=%s'% (sys.argv[0], self['da.restart.fname'], ) )
cd = self['time.end'].strftime('%Y%m%d')
jobfile = DaPlatForm.WriteJob(self,template,'cycle.%s.das'%cd)
jobid = DaPlatForm.SubmitJob(jobfile)
jobcommand = '%s rc=%s'% (sys.argv[0], self['da.restart.fname'], ) )
dummy = os.chdir(self['dir.da_submit'] )
jobid = DaPlatForm.SubmitJob(jobcommand)
else:'Final date reached, no new cycle started')
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