Commit b2b5515c authored by Peters, Wouter's avatar Peters, Wouter
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extra jobtime, and no logfile name anymore, simply log to stdout

parent 2528caeb
......@@ -711,10 +711,10 @@ class CycleControl(dict):
logfile = jobfile.replace('.jb','.log')
# Template and commands for job
jobparams = {'jobname':"j.%s"%jobid,'jobtime':'01:30:00'}
jobparams = {'jobname':"j.%s"%jobid,'jobtime':'06:00:00','logfile':logfile,'errfile':logfile}
template = DaPlatForm.GetJobTemplate(jobparams)
execcommand = os.path.join(self['dir.da_submit'],sys.argv[0])
template += 'python %s rc=%s %s >& %s' % (execcommand,self['da.restart.fname'],join(self.opts,''),logfile,)
template += 'python %s rc=%s %s' % (execcommand,self['da.restart.fname'],join(self.opts,''),)
# write and submit
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