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function to get dataframe snl beheertypen

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Function to retrieve default MNP draagkracht for species/bt combination
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
# Get default mnp draagkracht values
mnp_dk_src = r'w:\PROJECTS\qmar\MNP-SNL-ParameterSet\Parameters_v06_2019_12_09\03_MNP_versie6_par_density_factors_BT2019_v2.csv'
mnp_dk = pd.read_csv(mnp_dk_src, sep=',',usecols=['Species_code', 'Land_type_code', 'Land_type_quality'])
def get_mnp_dk(species_code, bt_code, tab=mnp_dk):
:param species_code: MNP species code starting with S02, S06, S09
:param bt_code: BT code NXX.YY.ZZ
:param tab: source table
:return: float draagrkacht
dk = mnp_dk.loc[(mnp_dk.Species_code == species_code) & (mnp_dk.Land_type_code == bt_code), 'Land_type_quality']
if not dk.empty:
return float(dk)
return np.nan
title: "R Notebook"
author: roelo008
date: 26-May-21
output: html_notebook
The [R plugin]( for IntelliJ-based IDEs provides
handy capabilities to work with the [R Markdown]( files.
To [add]( a new R chunk,
position the caret at any line or the code chunk, then click "+".
The code chunk appears:
Type any R code in the chunk, for example:
mycars <- within(mtcars, { cyl <- ordered(cyl) })
Now, click the **Run** button on the chunk toolbar to [execute]( the chunk code. The result should be placed under the chunk.
Click the **Knit and Open Document** to built and preview an output.
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pandas dataframe containing .\resources\snl_beheertypen.csv
Hans Roelofsen, 14/07/2021
import os
from pathlib import Path
import pandas as pd
def get_snl_beheertypen_list(benb_dir):
return snl beheertypen list as pandas df
:param benb_dir: directory of benb_utils
:return: pandas dataframe
return pd.read_csv(r'./resources/snl_beheertypen.csv', sep=',', comment='#', quotechar='"')
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