Commit def2985d authored by Peters, Wouter's avatar Peters, Wouter
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corrected units on modeldatamismatch

parent 39d9fba4
......@@ -412,15 +412,15 @@ class ObsPackObservations(Observation):
savedict['comment'] = 'Observations used in optimization'
dummy = f.AddData(savedict)
data = self.Data.getvalues('mdm')
data = self.Data.getvalues('mdm')
savedict = io.std_savedict.copy()
savedict['name'] = "modeldatamismatch"
savedict['long_name'] = "modeldatamismatch"
savedict['units'] = "[mol mol-1]^2"
savedict['units'] = "[mol mol-1]"
savedict['dims'] = dimid
savedict['values'] = data.tolist()
savedict['comment'] = 'Variance of mole fractions resulting from model-data mismatch'
savedict['comment'] = 'Standard deviation of mole fractions resulting from model-data mismatch'
dummy = f.AddData(savedict)
data = self.Data.getvalues('simulated')
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