Commit cb29d4ca authored by Ingrid Luijkx's avatar Ingrid Luijkx
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Corrected reading in of may_reject and may_localize keys from sites_weights.rc

parent c9882c0f
......@@ -295,8 +295,8 @@ class ObsPackObservations(Observation):
name, error, may_localize, may_reject = SitesWeights[key].split(';')
name = name.strip().lower()
error = float(error)
may_localize = bool(may_localize)
may_reject = bool(may_reject)
may_localize = ("TRUE" in may_localize.upper())
may_reject = ("TRUE" in may_reject.upper())
SiteCategories[name] = {'category':name, 'error':error, 'may_localize':may_localize, 'may_reject':may_reject}
#print name,SiteCategories[name]
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