Commit 8981546c authored by Peters, Wouter's avatar Peters, Wouter
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Updated the cartesius platform file to Python3

See merge request !13
parents ef5de84c d3a490c9
......@@ -108,12 +108,12 @@ class CartesiusPlatform(Platform):
template += """#$ -hold_jid depends \n"""
# First replace from passed dictionary
for k, v in joboptions.items():
for k, v in list(joboptions.items()):
while k in template:
template = template.replace(k, v)
# Fill remaining values with std_options
for k, v in std_joboptions.items():
for k, v in list(std_joboptions.items()):
while k in template:
template = template.replace(k, v)
......@@ -132,9 +132,9 @@ class CartesiusPlatform(Platform):"A new task will be started (%s)" % cmd)
output = subprocess.Popen(cmd, stdout=subprocess.PIPE).communicate()[0]
print 'output', output
print('output', output)
jobid = output.split()[-1]
print 'jobid', jobid
print('jobid', jobid)
cmd = ["sbatch", jobfile]"A new job will be submitted (%s)" % cmd)
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