Commit 0cb8fda3 authored by ivar's avatar ivar
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bug fix in residual calculation in serial_least_squares

parent d21ba765
......@@ -109,6 +109,8 @@ class CO2Optimizer(Optimizer):
logging.debug('Skipping observation (%s,%i) because of flag value %d' % (self.sitecode[n], self.obs_ids[n], self.flags[n]))
res = self.obs[n] - self.Hx[n]
logging.debug('Proceeding to assimilate observation %s, %i' % (self.sitecode[n], self.obs_ids[n]))
......@@ -120,11 +122,11 @@ class CO2Optimizer(Optimizer):
if 'surface' in self.sitecode[n]:
logging.debug("Surface observations do not update BC")
logging.debug('BC KG value set to zero for %s' %(self.sitecode[n]))
if 'aircraft' in self.sitecode[n]:
logging.debug("Aircraft observations do not update Fluxes")
logging.debug('Flux KG values set to zero for %s' %(self.sitecode[n]))
if self.may_localize[n]:
logging.debug('Trying to localize observation %s, %i' % (self.sitecode[n], self.obs_ids[n]))
......@@ -134,7 +136,13 @@ class CO2Optimizer(Optimizer):
alpha = np.double(1.0) / (np.double(1.0) + np.sqrt((self.R[n]) / self.HPHR[n]))
self.x[:] = self.x + self.KG[:] * res
logging.debug('Residual %s'%res)
logging.debug('New self.KG BC1 %s' %self.KG[3078])
logging.debug('New self.KG BC2 %s' %self.KG[-1])
logging.debug('New self.x BC1 %s' %self.x[3078])
logging.debug('New self.x BC2 %s' %self.x[-1])
for r in range(self.nmembers):
self.X_prime[:, r] = self.X_prime[:, r] - alpha * self.KG[:] * (self.HX_prime[n, r])
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