Commit 613c892c authored by Simon, Wolfram's avatar Simon, Wolfram
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Added start of sitance matrix. For baseline food supply start at line 2764

parent a62eff73
......@@ -3040,9 +3040,20 @@ write_csv(animal_map, "Input_Data/diets_animal_crop_datamap.csv")
# Distance matrix ---------------------------------------------------------
# Data is taken from here:
dat_distance = read_csv("Input_data/Distance_matrix.csv") %>%
rename("CountryA" = "...1")
# Country map for subsetting EU
country_map_FAO_iso2 = read.csv(here::here("Input_data", "Mappings", "dat_map_SPAM_GAUL_CIFOS_FAO.csv")) %>%
as_tibble() %>% dplyr::select(iso3_SPAM , iso2_code_FAO, name_cntr_CIFOS2021)
# EU28 - Subsetting -------------------------------------------------------
EU_iso3 = c("AUT","BEL", "BGR", "HRV", "CZE", "DNK", "EST","FIN", "FRA", "DEU", "GRC", "HUN", "IRL", "ITA","LVA",
"LTU", "LUX", "MLT", "NLD", "POL", "PRT","ROU", "SVK","SVN", "ESP", "SWE", "GBR", "CYP")
dat_distance %>% pivot_longer()
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