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progress bar functions for checking input validity

See merge request !2
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......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ Hieronder de helper functies. Elke functie **moet** een docstring hebben waarin
import rasterio as rio
import shapely
import geopandas as gp
import affine
......@@ -11,6 +12,7 @@ import pandas as pd
import random
import numbers
import os
import argparse
def rand_web_color_hex():
......@@ -280,3 +282,87 @@ def mnp_csvlister(folder, notwanted=False, extension=False):
return file_list
def progress_bar(iterable, prefix='', suffix='', decimals=1, length=100, fill='#', printEnd="\r"):
Call in a loop to create terminal progress bar
iteration - Required : current iteration (Int)
total - Required : total iterations (Int)
prefix - Optional : prefix string (Str)
suffix - Optional : suffix string (Str)
decimals - Optional : positive number of decimals in percent complete (Int)
length - Optional : character length of bar (Int)
fill - Optional : bar fill character (Str)
printEnd - Optional : end character (e.g. "\r", "\r\n") (Str)
total = len(iterable)
def printProgressBar(iteration):
percent = ("{0:." + str(decimals) + "f}").format(100 * (iteration / float(total)))
filledLength = int(length * iteration // total)
bar = fill * filledLength + '-' * (length - filledLength)
print('\r{0} |{1}| {2}% {3}'.format(prefix, bar, percent, suffix), end=printEnd)
# Initial Call
# Update Progress Bar
for i, item in enumerate(iterable):
yield item
printProgressBar(i + 1)
# Print New Line on Complete
def geospatial_raster(x):
Is x a geospatial raster?
:param x: file path
:return: x if True else argparse.ArgumentTypeError
if os.path.isfile(x):
rast =
return x
except(rio.errors.RasterioIOError, rio.errors.FileError, rio._err.CPLE_OpenFailed) as e:
raise argparse.ArgumentTypeError(e)
raise argparse.ArgumentTypeError('Not a file: {0}'.format(x))
def readable_dir(prospective_dir):
Check is a prospective dir is valid and readable.
:param prospective_dir: directory path
:return: prospective dir or argparse.ArgumentTypeError
if not os.path.isdir(prospective_dir):
raise argparse.ArgumentTypeError("readable_dir:{0} is not a valid path".format(prospective_dir))
if os.access(prospective_dir, os.R_OK):
return prospective_dir
raise Exception("readable_dir:{0} is not a readable dir".format(prospective_dir))
def file_of_type(x, ext):
Is x a file of type ext?
:param x: file path
:param ext: extension (without dot)
:return: x if x exists and has required extension, else argparse TypeError
exists = os.path.isfile(x)
ext_match = os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(x))[1] == '.{}'.format(ext)
if exists and ext_match:
return x
if not exists:
raise argparse.ArgumentTypeError('{} is not a file'.format(x))
if not ext_match:
raise argparse.ArgumentTypeError('{} is not a correct file'.format(x))
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