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Delete aa_todo_notes

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from kraken to read header -> done!!
To test:
/mnt/LTR_userdata/overd008/tools/spades_install/bin/spades-core /home/overd008/mnt/lustre/output/spades/test/K55/configs/ /home/overd008/mnt/lustre/output/spades/test/K55/configs/ /home/overd008/mnt/lustre/output/spades/test/K55/configs/
## Parse taxonomy from reads --> done!
Barcode mapping parser
common\barcode_index\barcode_index_builder.hpp @105 FillMapFrom10XReads
@118 add string tax_string = GetTaxaTreeFromRead(read)
# Encode as vector of pointers to ints?
@150 copy similar parser
## Settle taxonomy of edges --> done!
New function (implement where? Just before transition taxa filter? Seperately?)
## Add transition taxonomy filter here:
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