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No commit message
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......@@ -268,7 +268,7 @@ def prepare_state(dacycle, statevector):
statevector.write_to_file(current_sv, 'prior') # write prior info
nlag = int(dacycle['time.nlag'])
for l in range(0,nlag): # pavle added from here
statevector.write_members_to_file(l, dacycle['restartmap.dir'])
# statevector.write_members_to_file(l, dacycle['restartmap.dir'])
statevector.write_members_for_cosmo(l, dacycle['restartmap.dir'])
def sample_state(dacycle, samples, statevector, obsoperator):
......@@ -319,7 +319,7 @@ def sample_step(dacycle, samples, statevector, obsoperator, lag, advance=False):
# Implement something that writes the ensemble member parameter info to file, or manipulates them further into the
# type of info needed in your transport model
statevector.write_members_to_file(lag, dacycle['dir.input'])
# statevector.write_members_to_file(lag, dacycle['dir.input'])
statevector.write_members_for_cosmo(lag, dacycle['dir.input'])
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