Commit a081bb37 authored by brunner's avatar brunner
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extract logging not as frequent

parent 92a7baf3
......@@ -184,7 +184,8 @@ class ObservationOperator(object):
for dt in rrule.rrule(rrule.HOURLY, dtstart=to_datetime(dacycle['abs.time.start'])+timedelta(hours=hstart), until=to_datetime(dacycle['abs.time.start'])+timedelta(hours=hstop)):
dt=dt.strftime('%Y%m%d%H')'Extracting output for ens %s, time %s' % (str(ens),str(dt)))
if ens == "001":'Extracting output for time %s' % (str(dt)))
co2_in_fn = cosmo_out+'lffd'+dt+'.nc'
co2_out_jfj = cosmo_out+'CO2_jfj_'+ens+'_'+dt+'.nc'
co2_out_lhw = cosmo_out+'CO2_lhw_'+ens+'_'+dt+'.nc'
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