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!!! Info for the CarbonTracker data assimilation system
! For old carbontracker obs files
datadir : /lustre/tmp/tsuruta/project_esticc/input/
obs.input.dir : ${datadir}obs/
obs.input.fname :
random.seed.init : ${datadir}randomseedinit/randomseedinit.pickle
regionsfile : ${datadir}regions/
covfile : ${datadir}regions/
! Include a naming scheme for the variables
#include NamingScheme.wp_ch4_2lambdas.rc
! Info on the sites file used
sites_file : /lustre/tmp/tsuruta/project_base/exec/da/rc/sites_and_weights_methane.rc
! This RC file was re-generated by on 2010-09-09 10:11:18 by ken.
! Modified and cleaned by Aki 18 Nov 2014.
! Input File: sites_and_weights_ch4.ct10.rc
! Comment fields must have a pound (!) in the first column
! Note: Codes are in alphabetical order within each grouping
! Naming scheme is described in Section 4 (CONTENT AND FORMATS) of
! The threshold for rejecting an observation expressed as a number of
! standard deviations away from the model prediciton. Note that the
! standard deviation is sqrt(HQH^T+R).
! modified from sites_and_weights_ch4_GMDb_S12.rc
! Added high northern latitude (HNL) sites
! CHL --> C0
! CMN --> C0, mixed *it was earlier processed as D, which made the obs bad.
obs.rejection.threshold: 3
! Global scaling factor for the model-data-mismatch error component.
! Good candidate for removal from code?
global.R.scaling: 1.e-9
! Number of different site categories: 10
! Each site.category.XXX contains four elements:
! 1. (string, len=30) label for the site category.
! 2. (real) model-data mismatch error component in ppb CH4
! assigned to observations from this site category.
! 3. (logical) may_localize
! 4. (logical) may_reject
site.category.001: mbl; 4.50; FALSE; FALSE
site.category.002: land; 25.00; TRUE; TRUE
site.category.003: mixed; 15.00; TRUE; TRUE
site.category.004: aircraft; 15.00; TRUE; TRUE
site.category.005: tower; 25.00; TRUE; TRUE
site.category.006: problem; 30.00; TRUE; TRUE
site.category.007: deepSH; 4.50; FALSE; FALSE
site.category.008: do-not-use; 75.00; TRUE; TRUE
site.category.009: never-use; 1000.00; TRUE; TRUE
site.category.010: local; 30.00; TRUE; TRUE
! Number of sites used in the inversion: 152
! Descriptions of sites. Each site value has "string;string". The
! first of these is the site name, and the second is the site category.
! Comprehensive site list abp_001D0;mbl alt_001D0;mixed alt_006D0;mixed ams_011D0;problem amt_001D0;problem amy_061C0;never-use arh_015D0;deepSH asc_001D0;mbl ask_001D0;land azr_001D0;mixed bal_001D0;do-not-use bgu_011D0;mixed bhd_001D0;mbl bkt_001D0;do-not-use bkt_141C0;do-not-use bme_001D0;mixed bmw_001D0;mixed brw_001C0;mixed brw_001D0;mixed bsc_001D0;do-not-use cba_001D0;mixed cdl_006C0;local cfa_002D0;land cgo_001D0;mbl chl_006D0;mixed chm_006C0;local chr_001D0;mbl cmn_106C0;mixed cmn_198C0;mixed coi_020C0;mixed cpt_001D0;land cpt_036C0;mixed cri_002D0;do-not-use crz_001D0;mbl cya_002D0;deepSH deu_900C0;do-not-use egb_006D0;local eic_001D0;mbl esp_002D0;tower esp_006D0;tower etl_006D0;local fik_011D0;mixed fsd_006D0;do-not-use glh_209C0;mixed gmi_001D0;mixed gpa_002D0;do-not-use gsn_901C0;never-use hat_020C0;mixed hba_001D0;deepSH hpb_001D0;land hun_001D0;do-not-use ice_001D0;mixed izo_001D0;mixed izo_027C0;land jfj_005C0;mixed key_001D0;land kmw_196C0;do-not-use kum_001D0;mbl kzd_001D0;do-not-use kzm_001D0;land lau_015C0;mixed lau_015D0;mixed lef_001D0;problem llb_001D0;do-not-use llb_006D0;do-not-use lln_001D0;land lmp_001D0;land lpo_011D0;mixed maa_002D0;deepSH mex_001D0;mixed mhd_001D0;land mid_001D0;mixed mkn_001D0;land mlo_001C0;mixed mlo_001D0;mixed mnm_019C0;mixed mqa_002D0;deepSH nat_001D0;mixed ngl_900C0;do-not-use nmb_001D0;land nwr_001D0;mixed oxk_001D0;do-not-use pal_001D0;mixed pal_030C0;mixed pdm_011D0;mixed prs_021C0;mixed psa_001D0;deepSH pta_001D0;land puy_011D0;mixed rgl_160C0;tower rpb_001D0;mixed ryo_019C0;mixed sdz_033D0;mixed sey_001D0;mbl sgp_001D0;do-not-use shm_001D0;land sis_002D0;mixed smo_001D0;mbl snb_900C0;mixed spo_001D0;deepSH ssl_900C0;local stm_001D0;mixed sum_001D0;mixed syo_001D0;deepSH tac_160C0;tower tap_001D0;do-not-use tdf_001D0;mbl ter_055D0;mixed thd_001D0;land tik_001D0;mixed tkb_010C0;mixed ush_001D0;mbl uta_001D0;land uum_001D0;land wis_001D0;land wkt_001D0;do-not-use wlg_033D0;mixed wsa_006D0;tower wsa_006C0;tower yon_019C0;local zep_001D0;mixed zgt_900C0;mixed zsf_900C0;mixed zug_900C0;mixed zot_045D0;mixed
! Move some stations for better model representivity
n.sites.moved: 19
! Format is "string;real;real"
! String is site name
! first real is LATITUDE change
! second real is LONGITUDE change
site.move.001: brw_001D0; +1.0; 0.0
site.move.002: brw_001C0; +1.0; 0.0
site.move.003: bhd_001D0; -1.0; +1.0
site.move.004: bsc_001D0; 0.0; +1.0
site.move.005: cba_001D0; -1.0; 0.0
site.move.006: cgo_001D0; 0.0; -1.0
site.move.007: cgo_002D0; 0.0; -1.0
site.move.008: cpt_001D0; -1.0; 0.0
site.move.009: cpt_036C0; -1.0; 0.0
site.move.010: esp_002D0; 0.0; -1.0
site.move.011: esp_006C0; 0.0; -1.0
site.move.013: ice_001D0; -1.0; 0.0
site.move.014: key_001D0; 0.0; +1.0
site.move.015: mhd_001D0; 0.0; -1.0
site.move.016: pta_001D0; 0.0; -1.0
site.move.017: tap_001D0; -1.0; -1.0
site.move.018: thd_001D0; 0.0; -1.0
site.move.019: uta_001D0; 0.0; -1.0
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