Commit 398bfc1f authored by Remco Kok's avatar Remco Kok
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Added job file

parent 3a82a5d7
#$ co2
#$ nserial 1
#$ 06:30:00
#$ /bin/sh
echo "All output piped to file xxxx.log"
export HOST='cartesius'
export icycle_in_job=1
module load pre2019
module load nco
module load cdo
module load atlas
module load gcc/5.2.0
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/projects/0/ctdas/NRT/data/SiB/privatemodules/nc4/lib/
export PATH=$PATH:/projects/0/ctdas/NRT/data/SiB/privatemodules/nc4/bin
module load 2020
module load Python
python3 rc=near-real-time.rc -v $1 >& near-real-time.log
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