Commit 2d5f153c authored by Peters, Wouter's avatar Peters, Wouter
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changed names of output routines for sample info

parent dcfc3ff7
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ Revision History:
File created on 28 Jul 2010.
.. autoclass:: da.baseclasses.obs.Observations
:members: initialize, Validate, add_observations, add_simulations, add_model_data_mismatch, write_sample_info
:members: initialize, Validate, add_observations, add_simulations, add_model_data_mismatch, write_sample_coords
.. autoclass:: da.baseclasses.obs.ObservationList
:members: __init__
......@@ -84,10 +84,17 @@ class Observations(object):
Get the model-data mismatch values for this cycle.
def write_sample_info(self):
def write_sample_coords(self,obsinputfile):
Write the information needed by the observation operator to a file. Return the filename that was written for later use
def write_sample_auxiliary(self, auxoutputfile):
Write selected additional information contained in the Observations object to a file for later processing.
def getvalues(self, name, constructor=array):
result = constructor([getattr(o, name) for o in self.datalist])
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