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No commit message
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......@@ -55,8 +55,8 @@ time.nlag : 2
! The directory under which the code, input, and output will be stored. This is the base directory for a run. The word
! '/' will be replaced through the script by a user-specified folder name. DO NOT REPLACE
dir.da_run : /scratch/snx3000/parsenov/projname
restartmap.dir : /scratch/snx3000/parsenov/projname/restart
dir.da_run : /scratch/snx3000/parsenov/ctdas
restartmap.dir : /scratch/snx3000/parsenov/ctdas/restart
! The resources used to complete the data assimilation experiment. This depends on your computing platform.
! The number of cycles per job denotes how many cycles should be completed before starting a new process or job, this
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