Commit d924e594 authored by Jorge Navarro Muñoz's avatar Jorge Navarro Muñoz
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minor cleanup in variable naming

parent 6358cac0
......@@ -102,9 +102,9 @@ def check_overlap(pfd_matrix, overlap_cutoff):
if row1[-1] == row2[-1]:
#check if there is overlap between the domains
if no_overlap(int(row1[3]), int(row1[4]), int(row2[3]), int(row2[4])) == False:
overlapping_nucleotides = overlap(int(row1[3]), int(row1[4]), int(row2[3]), int(row2[4]))
overlap_perc_loc1 = overlap_perc(overlapping_nucleotides, int(row1[4])-int(row1[3]))
overlap_perc_loc2 = overlap_perc(overlapping_nucleotides, int(row2[4])-int(row2[3]))
overlapping_aminoacids = overlap(int(row1[3]), int(row1[4]), int(row2[3]), int(row2[4]))
overlap_perc_loc1 = overlap_perc(overlapping_aminoacids, int(row1[4])-int(row1[3]))
overlap_perc_loc2 = overlap_perc(overlapping_aminoacids, int(row2[4])-int(row2[3]))
#check if the amount of overlap is significant
if overlap_perc_loc1 > overlap_cutoff or overlap_perc_loc2 > overlap_cutoff:
if float(row1[1]) >= float(row2[1]): #see which has a better score
......@@ -133,6 +133,8 @@ def check_overlap(pfd_matrix, overlap_cutoff):
loci_end = int(row[8])
domain_start = int(row[3])
domain_end = int(row[4])
# uses nucleotide coordinates for sorting
width = 3*(domain_end - domain_start)
strand = row[9].split(":")[-1]
if strand == "+":
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