Commit a1cb6372 authored by Kautsar, Satria's avatar Kautsar, Satria
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fix newick tree visualization error when GCF == 2 bgcs

parent 171276c4
......@@ -1521,7 +1521,7 @@ def clusterJsonBatch(bgcs, pathBase, className, matrix, pos_alignments, cutoffs=
exemplar = clusterNames[exemplar_idx]
gcf = familiesDict[exemplar_idx][:]
if len(gcf) < 3:
newick_trees[exemplar_idx] = "({});".format(",".join([str(bgcExt2Int[x])+":0.0" for x in gcf]))
newick_trees[exemplar_idx] = "({}):0.01;".format(",".join([str(bgcExt2Int[x])+":0.0" for x in gcf]))
#TODO make some default alignment data to send to the json file
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