Commit 766696bb authored by Jorge Navarro Muñoz's avatar Jorge Navarro Muñoz
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Minor bugfix: fixed checking values for GCC calling (thanks to Mohammad Alanjary)

parent c788dc1f
......@@ -2071,7 +2071,7 @@ def CMD_parser():
found in the domain_whitelist.txt file", default=False,
parser.add_argument("--version", action="version", version="%(prog)s 201804")
parser.add_argument("--version", action="version", version="%(prog)s 201809")
return parser.parse_args()
......@@ -2161,13 +2161,13 @@ if __name__=="__main__":
# in the cutoffs to do AP in clusterJsonBatch
if options.clans:
fc, cc = options.clan_cutoff
if c not in cutoff_list:
if fc not in cutoff_list:
if fc <= 0.0 or fc > 1.0:
sys.exit("Error: invalid cutoff value for GCF calling")
cutoff_list = sorted(cutoff_list.append(fc))
if cc <= 0.0 or fc > 1.0:
if cc <= 0.0 or cc > 1.0:
sys.exit("Error: invalid cutoff value for GCC calling")
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