Commit 30f2843a authored by Kautsar, Satria's avatar Kautsar, Satria
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Genome accession parsing method now only considers "Organism" identifier...

Genome accession parsing method now only considers "Organism" identifier within a clustergbk file, if not found, it will use the gbk file name (excluding the 'clusterXXX' from antiSMASH run) as the Genome name
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......@@ -3244,12 +3244,9 @@ if __name__=="__main__":
identifier = ""
if len(bgc_info[bgc].organism) > 1:
identifier = bgc_info[bgc].organism
elif len(bgc_info[bgc].accession_id) > 1:
if (bgc_info[bgc].accession_id[2] == "_"): # is a refseq accession
identifier = bgc_info[bgc].accession_id[2].split(".")[0]
elif len(bgc_info[bgc].accession_id) > 6: # *assume* a genbank WGS accession
# todo: use more robust check / assumption e.g. other types of genbank data?
identifier = bgc_info[bgc].accession_id[0:6]
else : # use original genome file name (i.e. exclude "..clusterXXX from antiSMASH run")
file_name_base = os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(genbankDict[bgc][0]))[0]
identifier = file_name_base.rsplit(".cluster",1)[0]
if len(identifier) < 1:
identifier = "Unknown Genome {}".format(len(genomes))
if identifier not in genomes:
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