Commit 0cb2ecc2 authored by Kautsar, Satria's avatar Kautsar, Satria
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Verify that domtable is correctly formatted before skipping it

parent d65bd1a0
......@@ -2442,7 +2442,14 @@ if __name__=="__main__":
outputbase = ".".join(fasta.split(os.sep)[-1].split(".")[:-1])
outputfile = os.path.join(domtable_folder,outputbase + '.domtable')
if os.path.isfile(outputfile) and os.path.getsize(outputfile) > 0:
# verify domtable content
with open(outputfile, "r") as domtablefile:
for line in domtablefile.readlines():
if line.startswith("# Option settings:"):
linecols = line.split()
if "hmmscan" in linecols and "--domtblout" in linecols:
task_set = fastaFiles - alreadyDone
if len(task_set) == 0:
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