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# SoilGrids on Google Earth Engine (GEE)
SoilGrids250m 2.0 data are available on GEE as as Community contributed Datasets. Currently, layers representing the mean of predictive distribution are served. The layers quantifying the median, the 5th and the 95th percentiles of the distributions will be uploaded shortly.
Each asset is an image with 6 bands, a band for each depth (0-5cm, 5-15cm,15-30cm,30-60cm,60-100cm,100-200cm).
### Updated list of available layers as GEE assets :
| Acronym | Property | Assets on GEE |
|------ | ------ | ------ |
|bdod | Bulk density | [bdod_mean]( |
|cec | Cation exchange capacity at pH7 | [cec_mean]( |
|cfvo | Coarse fragments | [cfvo_mean]( |
|clay | Clay | [clay_mean]( |
|nitrogen | Total Nitrogen | [nitrogen_mean]( |
|ocd | Organic carbon density | [ocd_mean]( |
|ocs | Organic carbon stock | [ocs_mean]( |
|phh2o | pH in H2O | [phh2o_mean]( |
|sand | Sand | [sand_mean]( |
|silt | Silt | [silt_mean]( |
|soc | Soil organic carbon | [soc_mean]( |
### Import assets in GEE
1. Javascript
var image = ee.Image("projects/soilgrids-isric/layer_name");
2. python
image = ee.Image("projects/soilgrids-isric/layer_name");
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# Access WCS with R
This tutorial will show how to access SoilGrids using Web Coverage Services and the R software. This tutorial will use the `rgdal` and `gdalUtils` packages.
**This tutorial works with R version 3.6.x and gdal version <= 2.4.x.**
There are known errors when using it with R > 4.x and gdal > 3.x (e.g. `PROJ: proj_create_from_database: crs not found`). We are working on a solution
## Load libraries
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# [WebDAV]( direct access to the maps in VRT format.
### R
#### Load libraries, select boundary box and cell size
**This code is tested for GDAL version 2.4.x. When running with GDAL version 3.x.x there may be problems. We are working on providing updates**
#### Load libraries, select boundary box and cell size
Initially you need to load the following libraries and select the bounding box of the area you are interested in:
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