Commit 3ddf1986 authored by Akdel's avatar Akdel
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demo site eta

parent 622dcfb7
...@@ -380,10 +380,10 @@ def get_estimated_time(pdb_entries): ...@@ -380,10 +380,10 @@ def get_estimated_time(pdb_entries):
def get_time_estimate(clicked, aln_done, pdb_entries): def get_time_estimate(clicked, aln_done, pdb_entries):
if aln_done[0]: if aln_done[0]:
return "" return ""
if clicked and pdb_entries: elif clicked and pdb_entries:
pdb_entries = [decompress_object(x) for x in pdb_entries] pdb_entries = [decompress_object(x) for x in pdb_entries]
time = get_estimated_time(pdb_entries) time = get_estimated_time(pdb_entries)
return f"ETA: {time} min" return f"ETA: {np.round(time,2)} min"
else: else:
return "" return ""
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