Commit 1fce5bd0 authored by Akdel, Mehmet's avatar Akdel, Mehmet
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Update caretta-cli

parent 988eaec9
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ from caretta import msa_numba
def align(input_pdb,
dssp_dir="caretta_tmp", num_threads=20, extract_all_features=True,
dssp_dir="caretta_tmp", num_threads=20, extract_all_features=False,
gap_open_penalty=1., gap_extend_penalty=0.01, consensus_weight=1.,
write_fasta=True, output_fasta_filename=Path("./result.fasta"),
write_pdb=True, output_pdb_folder=Path("./result_pdb/"),
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