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demo site eta

parent dc95a27d
......@@ -380,7 +380,7 @@ def get_time_estimate(clicked, pdb_entries):
if clicked and pdb_entries:
pdb_entries = [decompress_object(x) for x in pdb_entries]
time = get_estimated_time(pdb_entries)
return html.P(f"ETA: {np.round(time, 2)} min", style={"color": "red"})
return f"ETA: {np.round(time, 2)} min"
return ""
......@@ -393,8 +393,7 @@ def get_time_estimate(clicked, pdb_entries):
dash.dependencies.Output("feature-selection", "options"),
dash.dependencies.Output("alignment-data", "children"),
dash.dependencies.Output("pfam-class", "children"),
dash.dependencies.Output("alignment-done", "children"),
dash.dependencies.Output("time-estimate", "style")
dash.dependencies.Output("alignment-done", "children")
[dash.dependencies.Input("align", "n_clicks")],
......@@ -425,11 +424,10 @@ def align_structures(clicked, pdb_entries, pfam_class, gap_open, gap_extend):
return "", component, dcc.Graph(figure=structure_plot({ s.coords for s in pfam_class.msa.structures}),
id="scatter3d"), compress_object(
features), [{"label": x, "value": x} for x in features[list(features.keys())[0]]], compress_object(
alignment), compress_object(pfam_class), [True], {"color": "green"}
alignment), compress_object(pfam_class), [True]
return "", "", "", compress_object(np.zeros(0)), [
{"label": "no alignment present", "value": "no alignment"}], pdb_entries, pfam_class, [False], {
"color": "green"}
{"label": "no alignment present", "value": "no alignment"}], pdb_entries, pfam_class, [False]
@app.callback([dash.dependencies.Output("feature-plot1", "children"),
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