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This repository contains the code for the tool that is being developed as part of the Multiple Scales and Extreme Events (MSX) project.
## How to access
The tool that is presented in this repository is a simple web application, written in Dash (Plotly), that allows users to interactivaly create word clouds. The idea is that multiple users who work together in a team can do this together, and use the word clouds created by each participant to start/facilitate a discussion about the meaning of the terminology used within the team.
## How to build
## How to run locally
## How to run
To run the development server locally, execute `python scripts/`, and
in the browser navigate to
## How to build for production
This repository includes a Dockerfile that can be used for building a Docker image of the project. To build the image, run:
`docker build --tag msx-image .`
When running the container, take the following points into account:
- The application runs on port 8000 inside the container, so you probably want to bind a port on your local machine to port 8000 in the container.
- The application requires the environment variable `MSX_SECRET_KEY` to be set. Use a strong and secret key to set this variable. You can set an environment variable when starting the container with `docker run` with the `--env` option.
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